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      英文版首頁 | 甘肅省建材院 (甘肅省建材科研設計院)


          Gansu Provincial Institute of Building Materials was established in 1976 and then was one of the affiliates of Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission. It was restructured in a whole in 2005 into a state-owned science and technology enterprise.The main business scopes include new products research and development, energy saving technology services, quality supervision and inspection of building materials, testing of construction materials, engineering design and consulting, project supervision, industrialization of new products, renewable energy utilization, etc.

          The Research and development abilities in the aspects of special cement and concrete, green building, new wall and roof materials, insulation and waterproof materials, cement and concrete admixtures, special powder materials, energy efficiency evaluation on building materials, comprehensive utilization of resources and solar thermal utilization occupies an advanced level in China. The Gansu Provincial Institute of Building Materials is the sponsoring agency of the Gansu Provincial Building Materials Standardization Committee.




       Address: No. 1372 Duanjiatan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province
      (zip code 730020)
      Phone (Fax): 0086-931-4680362 0086-931-4680740
      E-mail: gsjcykjb@163.com
      Contact: Mr. Hu, Ms. Liu, Ms. yuan